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The International Belonging Research Laboratory (IBRL) is a group of researchers focused on investigating the science of belonging. 


The IBRL  is committed to fostering cross-country, discipline, faculty and institution collaborations and disseminating research findings to the general public. As such, the group oversees public social media channels on Twitter and Instagram. 

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About us

The International Belonging Research Laboratory (IBRL) was founded in 2018 to create a  research group for academics from around the world to collaborate, network and share their research in the area of belonging. 

The IBRL oversees a small private group on facebook for belonging researchers and academics to connect with each other and share ideas, research, and collaborations. All researchers interested in the science of belonging are welcome to join. 

If you would like to share your research or publications, network with like-minded researchers, or even collaborate on a project, please consider joining us.​​


Using the collection of measures

The IBRL provides a hub of freely available measures and questionnaires that can be used for research purposes by students and researchers. If you would like to use questionnaires from our repository, please follow the individual licensing and copyright instructions provided by the respective authors.


If you are the author of a questionnaire or measure and would like it added to our collection, please contact us via email.

A repository of belonging measurement tools for practice and research can be found here.



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Are you a researcher interested in belonging and have a present or future interest in researching belonging as well as a current university affiliation: Join our lab on Facebook.


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